Flying termites in the house



Flying termites, if it weren’t for their ability to destroy everything in their path, could even be considered a romantic love story. This flight that we distinguish especially in the month of April or May, signifies a mating between males and females, which fly as a nuptial procession, to go to form new colonies in other places.


Termite Swarms


Spotting these flying termites in our home means a big problem in the future, perhaps an easy way to distinguish them is when we see many remains of wings in a place in our house. The reason? The females when they reach the ground immediately get rid of their wings because they will not use them anymore, immediately looking for a place to make their nest, especially one that contains wood.


A serious problem that termites have is that their presence can be noticed, sometimes even years after they have arrived at our home, in fact, they can be eating books and wooden shelves without realizing it.


What To Do When You See Flying Termites In Your Home


In the first instance, we should call an extermination service, with the idea of ​​removing this plague from our home as soon as possible. Another option you have is to use your vacuum cleaner to catch them, which should be a quick action when distinguishing them.


How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Flying Termites At Home


We must try to keep the spaces dry and well ventilated, especially if they contain some articles that are made of wood, on the other hand, we must be very careful to distinguish in our house a species of tubes, brown in color, which are made with mud and rotten wood, these are the paths where this plague travels.



It is important to check our ceilings, in the case of being made of wood, periodically to ensure that there is no colony installed on them. We must try to avoid the accumulation of water, in order to counteract the humidity.


How Do I Know If I Have Termites In My House?


In the silence, it is likely that you can hear a significant noise, which indicates that these animals are working in the wood.


If you see a species of white ants in your house, do not forget that this is the color that distinguishes termites.


The tubes mentioned above are a great sign, which builds them because their skin is not suitable for light radiation.


You can check the wood you have at home, hit them to see if it sounds like hollow wood, this pest eats the internal spaces of the furniture leaving only a thin layer on the outside.


A professional termite inspection and repair company – can help you get rid of these stubborn insects.