Choosing a 3PL Company


One of the must-have aspects of a successful business is logistics. With logistics, you can be sure of a free flow of products from your manufacturer to you and from you to your customers. Here, you will need a reliable third-party logistics company. If you need a reliable third party logistics Los Angeles Company, here is how you should pick one.

Focus on Establishing a Partnership

With the current sophisticated logistics solutions, you will need a high level of data sharing and communication. In that case, ensure that you find a third-party logistics that you can trust. The 3PL you choose should come with compatible values and culture. You should consider them partners in your company. As your partner, the 3PL should take time to understand the priorities of your supply chain.

Choose a 3PL that is Close and Convenient Enough to You

You might think that inventory is not such a big deal to you as you use the 3PL. However, you will need to visit the 3PL and see your inventory yourself. It isn’t just about the 3PL assuring you that your inventory is in check. Rather, you must be sure that the inventory is present and safe too. That is why you will need to find a third-party logistics that is close enough to you for convenience. You don’t want to find your products are barcoded incorrectly.

Consider the 3PL as a Free Storage

When you order a whole lot of inventory and you want to ship it all to your company, you might want to take a step back. Here, you could ask your supplier to ship a half or a different percentage of the inventory to you. The rest of it can be shipped later. The 3PL will be glad to store your inventory for free. You’ll only be needed to pay a 30% deposit on it to free up your cash flow. You might lose slightly on the consolidated shipping. However, it can outweigh the storage cost and cash flow benefits.

Value Stability

As you partner with the 3PL, you should always entrust them with your brand. In this case, it is important to consider a company that has a proven record of success. Always ensure that you pick a 3PL that is financially stable. The 3PL should constantly invest in facilities, equipment, systems, as well as a human resource necessary for optimal logistics solutions

Above all, choose a 3PL that has a robust technology. The provider should offer advanced and efficient technology solutions and offer a quality California 3PL warehouse for rent